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We believe that the best way to teach something is by telling a story

Rotoy team was founded in Odense, a robotics hotspot and the birth city of H.C. Andersen a talented storyteller. This inspired us to combine both into our idea. Our vision is to bring robotics and programming closer to both genders by creating an easy path to success.


Business Developer Vedrana Rogoznica

Vedrana as a child always thought that robot toys are for boys, since there was no brand targeting their toys towards girls. Now she wants to give every girl a chance to find interest in robotics. Vedrana is responsible for our business development with a marketing background and experience.


Product Developer Krzysztof Zielinski

Chris has always had a wild imagination and a love for technology. He would build and break stuff, to later fix it again, and make it better… or not. Chris is responsible for our product development with a robotics background and experience.


Lead designer Octavia Sirbu

In high school, Octavia pursued computer science, to her dismay, teaching methods felt outdated and with focus on theory. Through Rotoy, she would like to open the door to the underrated world of robotics to children. Octavia is responsible for design activities with experience in UX and Graphic Design.

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Our Mission

girl playing with a rotoy

In today’s world women make up 25% of STEM graduates

In the European Union, woman account for 25% of the workforce in science and technical occupations. This represents the difficulty of entering a STEM career as a women.

At Rotoy, we are determined to create a guaranteed path to success by empowering both girls and boys through early exposure and access to STEM skill sets. By addressing the traditional barriers facing girls and equipping them with the skills necessary to thrive in the innovation economy, we believe we can play a role in correcting this gender imbalance and help make the STEM industry more inclusive.

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The Future of Rotoy

Personalized Learning

Our multidisciplinary approach to teaching computational thinking is backed by proven educational strategies

Rotoy Community

Our easy-to-use portal includes dedicated spaces for both parents and children alike ensuring the success of all users

Augmented Reality

Future updates and new content will improve your child’s learning journey

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