When the music was playing, you heard the sound of someone scurrying away. Some bushes rustled in the distance!

“What was that?” you cried in alarm.
“It looks like some monsters were hiding nearby,” the queen said, “But they were scared away by the happy music!”

You felt relieved to hear it.
You started moving forward. As you walked across the dark landscape, you heard frightening sounds in the background. But you used Rotoy to make happy music and the sounds faded away into the darkness.
After some time, you came across a bog. It was covered with black color mud and stinky bubbles of gas were coming out of it.

Luckily, there were some planks laid over the bog. It looked like you can travel across the bog using the planks.

But wait! The planks looked like they were not very strong.

“Would they be able to carry both Rotoy and me?” you wondered, “What if we are too heavy?”
“The planks cannot carry both your weights at the same time,” the queen’s voice said, “But they can carry one at a time.”
“I can walk over the planks,” you said, “But what about Rotoy?”

“Your Rotoy can move with two motors connected to wheels,” said the voice of the queen, “So, Rotoy can carry his own weight!”