Rotoy- a coding robot that combines storytelling and robotics

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“Coding is boring!”

Coding can be difficult! Coding is hard to understand!- Emma, 10 years old

How often do you hear words like this?

No doubt, Emma is right. Coding can really be all of that. It is not an easy task to learn how to code. Even for those who like coding in the first place. So sometimes you need to become creative and find ways to make difficult things easy.

Rotoy in action- Children are coding the robot while following a story.

We got an idea- Coding robots and storytelling.

Rotoy is coding robot toy that combines progressive coding missions and storytelling into learn-and-play activities. Users can code their physical robot toy while following an exciting story that will take them on a journey filled with imagination. Each story follows a journey of the robot, and children are on a mission to help their main character overcome challenges like finding north, or escape a labyrinth. With each mission, children progress in learning.

How can you benefit from stories while playing with your coding robot?

Storytelling can significantly improve technology comprehension by making complex technical concepts more relatable, understandable, and memorable for learners.

Combining coding robots and storytelling can seem like an impossible idea but, we like to achieve the impossible.

Here’s how storytelling can improve technology comprehension.

  • Making Technology Relatable: Sometimes, technology can seem like a big mystery, but storytelling brings it into your world. It shows you how tech stuff can be used in everyday situations that you already know about, like playing games on your tablet or using a computer for schoolwork.
  • Fun and Interesting: Stories are like awesome games or exciting cartoons. They keep you entertained and curious! When you hear tech stuff in a story, it becomes more exciting and easier to remember.
  • Feeling the Story: Stories make you feel emotions, just like when you watch your favorite movie. When you connect with the characters in a tech story, you remember the cool things they do with technology.
  • Making it Simple: Sometimes, tech words sound like a secret code. But in stories, we use easy words and examples, like comparing a computer to a smart friend that helps you with homework. That way, you can understand it better!
  • Remembering More: Stories stick in your memory like your favorite song lyrics. When you hear about technology through stories, you remember it for a long time because it’s part of an exciting adventure!
  • Learning from Others: Stories teach us valuable lessons from people’s successes and mistakes. In tech stories, you can learn how clever people solve problems with technology, or what not to do when things go wrong.
  • Thinking and Wondering: Stories make you think about why characters do what they do. In tech stories, you can think about why someone chose to build a cool gadget or how tech can help solve big challenges.
Storytelling-based learning can be particularly helpful for girls in understanding different subjects.

Coding robots can be a part of a story adventure.

So, storytelling is like having a friend who tells you fun stories that help you understand and enjoy technology in a magical way! It makes tech things feel less scary and more like a fantastic adventure!

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